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Friday, August 03, 2007

What is Going On?

Dbacks won't resign Byrnes. They make him the new face of the team. Gonzo gone... cheer for Byrnes. But then they won't pay him what he is worth for a couple seasons. No they want to bring up players that aren't ready for the Big Show.. Quentin, Upton, (at times Chris Young) I have nothing against these young guys. I just think the current ownership is rushing guys up to the big leagues.

Are they modeling themselves against Atlanta? Well at least the Braves aren't afraid to resign the veterans when needed.

I believe the dbacks have a talented pool in the minors. I do not always believe in the way they manage them though. They have had some awesome win streaks and some horrible losing streaks. When it comes down to it though this team is carried by guys like Hudson and Byrnes.

Management is crazy to think that this team doesn't need those two in the future. How can you expect the youth to mature without these role models. Also you have to spend money to make money.

Tonight before I heard the story, my husband gave me the worst news... they picked up Kim off waivers.... They sign the biggest head case in the history of the Dbacks, but they can't keep fan favorites around.


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